the spookberry haus ep

by temp sound solutions

farjanta 01:49
airewulf 01:52
geminimane 00:58


temp sound solutions, a seminal video game cover music act, blesses the masses with a halloween-themed ep of 13 unique bangers, ripe for the holiday season. you'll be treated to tunes from many different video games, famicom and nes alike, as well as selected trick cuts by stalwart chiptune greats such as razerek, alex mauer, kfaraday, and phlogiston, amongst the other amazing vgm composers of the standard fare of which tss holds dear. recorded from april 2016 through october 2019, this album is sure to frighten your senses and delighten your mood all year round.

track 2 originally written by alex mauer and eirik suhrke for color caves.
track 3 originally written by razerek.
track 4 originally written by yuzo koshiro.
track 9 originally written by kfaraday for botb.
track 11 originally written by eirik suhrke for the game warlock bentspine.
track 12 originally written by alex mauer for vegavox 3.

artwork by tehcloud. immense thanks to kevtris and the nesdev family at large and ESPECIALLY dudes like karmic, newrisingsun, gilgilad, and mrnorbert for helpin us so much and being totally stronk, theshizz community, vlv, eddy tsang, ken carlson, tim green, double ferrari boys, everybody at the mountain chiefs, spencer and the advantage, theshizz fam, kirt and spardot and all the 420chan and taima fam, big chip fam like shnabubula, blitzlunar, kfaraday, zan-zan-zawa-veia, aaron ilkae, and you most of all for listening.

this album is dedicated to sean babbitt and brian raixnox wilson, you will never ever be forgotten.

this is afx 298.


released October 31, 2019

temp sound solutions is shawn douglas phase, alexander house the grate liss, micheal kirby pufocia molnar, christopher spookmeister c derosa, dustin dasaten shomer, brian capcomistle vanek, and most importantly, you. bass guitar on track 11 by tony dickinson, synth parts by eirik suhrke.


all rights reserved



temp sound solutions Maryland

temp sound solutions is chiptune, vgm, and tech rock perfected.

tss was formed from a love of many things: math rock, the demoscene, chiptune music, skateboarding, going to conventions, and live performance. nearly 300 albums to date have been recorded and released with no end in sight. more at ... more

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