adventure game ponoca

by shawn phase ilkae and proswell

ponoca 02:25
ponocb 02:33
ponocc 06:00


PONO* is not just neil young's media player, but this will sound great on it certainly. ponoca, ponocb, ponocc are here for your protection and work together or seperately to provide adequate channel modes. these songs were created in differing degrees by shawn phase, ilkae, and proswell, who are members of eerik inpuj sound. this is afx 103


released March 13, 2015




temp sound solutions Maryland

temp sound solutions is chiptune, vgm, and tech rock perfected.

tss was formed from a love of many things: math rock, the demoscene, chiptune music, skateboarding, going to conventions, and live performance. nearly 300 albums to date have been recorded and released with no end in sight. more at ... more

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